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Five Guns to Tombstone (1960)

Five Guns to Tombstone (1960)

22 Mar 2023
Genres: Western
Directed by: Edward L. Cahn
Language: English
Country: Usa
Resolution: 1440×1080
Duration: 71:30mins
Size: 4.75GB

After breaking out of prison, Matt Wade approaches his brother Bill, a former gunslinger who has turned over a new leaf, in an attempt to convince him to participate in a robbery. Despite Billy's refusal, Matt manages to frame him, and Billy is forced to join the gang. During a confrontation with his brother, Billy accidentally kills him, while Matt's son Ted witnesses the incident, unaware of his father's criminal past.

When Billy returns to town to clear his name and explain the truth, he is almost lynched by an angry mob of townspeople who believe he was involved in the robbery. He manages to escape and rejoins the gang, pretending to be on their side while secretly searching for evidence to clear his name and expose gang leader Ike Garvey to the authorities. Only his fiancée Arlene is privy to his plan.

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